Anita Ognjanovska

Anita Ognjanovska, a full-time artist from Skopje, North Macedonia, has spent over 15 years passionately creating art. With seven solo exhibitions and over 30 group shows worldwide, her work graces private collections globally.

Her art is a lifestyle, embodying freedom, expression, and creativity. Anita's unique perspective explores love, passion, freedom, and courage, finding the extraordinary in everyday moments and translating it onto canvas. Influenced by colors and textures in her surroundings, her art is a kaleidoscope of emotions, literary and cinematic inspirations, and personal

Anita's painting process is spontaneous and emotional, guided by intuition and freedom. She uses various tools—brushes, branches, even her hands—to create textured works in acrylic, oil, cold wax, collage, and mixed media. Exploring limited colors and rich textures, she invites viewers into dynamic visual experiences.

In her artistic journey, Anita follows her heart and soul,
embracing the fluidity of creativity and the joy of self-expression.