Maddalena Mora

Born in Locarno on September 21st, 1993. Since childhood, her greatest passion has been being in contact with nature, leading her to study botany and floral art. She graduated from the SPAI in Trevano with an artistic maturity from the CSIA in Lugano. She continued her studies at the Academy of Flower Design in Zurich to obtain a formation that combines nature and design with a focus on art. Art is a passion passed on by her father, which she carefully cultivated alongside her studies, leading her to graduate from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan in 2021 as a sculpture and curator faculty.
Maddalena Mora's artistic research focuses on materials, constantly experimenting with new ones, moving from bronze to marble, clay to wax, and resins to glass. The material succeeds in giving voice to the themes she most wishes to explore. It changes and transforms through the artist's emotions, always creating something unexpected from the previous work.
To enrich her creativity, Maddalena has been able to travel among the colours and flavours of Asia and South America, carefully collecting stories, different cultures, landscapes and emotions. She takes inspiration from nature and her personal experience, mixing emotions and ideals in a quest to enhance the ephemeral, bringing to light details we often forget to
look at or listen to more carefully.