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December 4-6th 2023

Ceramic Decorative workshop: Exploring Decorative Techniques in Glazing

with artist ELENI SPETSAKI in Art Therapy Gallery on Paros Island

Location: Art Therapy Gallery on Paros Island

Unleash your creativity at our Glazing & Painting Workshop! Join us for a hands-on experience where you’ll choose, decorate, and glaze your own unique set of already made and bisqued crockery – from plates to mugs and bowls. Craft memories and take home functional art! Reserve your spot now. Limited seats available.

Planned schedule

  • Day 1 on the 4th December
    Elenie will explain various techniques in decorative glazes. Each person will find inspiration and create their own unique patterns and art as they practice on paper. They will choose their own set of professionally made and bisqued crockery to start the painting process.

Please bring watercolours or pencils for creating your sample patters on this day.

  • Day 2 on the 5th of December
    We will continue painting and decorating our choice of already bisqued crockery.
  • Day 3 on the 6th of December
    We will finalise our items and get them ready for firing.
  • Day 4 on the 7th of December
    We meet and enjoy our creations together and take them home.

Purchase your seat online below, we also accept payments in person before the workshop in order to guarantee your seat. Thank you

Price of workshop is 175 Euros

This workshop includes a set of already Bisqued plates, mugs and bowls, oven safe paints and pigments.

If you choose to pay in person, contact directly to book your seat on whatsapp +30 6941492868