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JANUARY 26-31st 2024

Ceramic workshop: Exploring Organic Forms and Glazing in ceramics.

with artist RABEE YOUNES in Art Therapy Gallery on Paros Island

Location: Art Therapy Gallery on Paros Island

Let's Build together !

Join us for an immersive ceramics workshop where we’ll delve into the fascinating world of organic shapes and glazing. This hands-on experience is perfect for both beginners and experienced ceramic enthusiasts, offering a unique opportunity to unleash your creativity.

  • Mushroom Family

  • Floral arrangements

  • Mother & Son

Planned schedule

  • Day 1 on the 26th January
    Each Person will find an inspiration for the object they will build, Print and have it as a reference, we will learn the 3 techniques pinch,slab and coil for hand building, we will also start building the object.
  • Day 2 on the 27th January
    We will continue building our shapes and finalising the basic shape.
  • Day 3 on the 28th January
    Drying day, no need for attendance
  • Day 4 on the 29th January
    Drying day, no need for attendance
  • Day 5 on the 30th January
    Objects will be transported and fired for the first time
  • Day 6 on the 31st January
    With some prayers that the objects survived the fire without breaking or exploding, we will glaze our objects with the desired color and finish

Purchase your seat online below, we also accept payments in person before the workshop in order to guarantee your seat. Thank you

Price of the worlshop is 150 Euros

The workshop includes clay and galzes

To book your seat and pay in person please contact directly +306941492868 on whatsapp or buy your seat online below