Marta Nijhuis

Marta Nijhuis is a transmedia Italian-Dutch artist, lecturer, and author whose eclectic plastic work is inseparable from a rich philosophical research.

A Ph.D. in Aesthetics, she focuses her practice on the topic of identity via a threefold process: the observation of Nature, the prism of cultural memory, and the elaboration of a personal ”post-digital” technical process. This consists in oxymoronically returning forward to the hand as the supreme technology, whose slowness dialogues with the fast perceptual mutations the digital world insinuates in our bodily identities.

Over the years, she has been collaborating as a Lecturer with the Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, EAC Lyon, and Shanghai University.

Her work has been showcased in art galleries and cultural centres in France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, and the US. She is based between Lyon and Paros.