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Justyna Borucka

Hexagonos - painting

Hexagonos - painting

110 W x 110 H x 4 D cm

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The Sacred Island of Delos, Triptych (2023)
Marble dust & embroidery on raw linen, series 110 x 110 x 4 cm

Following her interests in the Greek τόπος, topos, Borucka converses with natural phenomena and antiquity. Her fascination with the Sacred Island of Delos began in 2016 and culminated in 2023 with a series of works celebrating the 150th anniversary of the beginning of archaeological excavations in Delos. Applying her trustful materials & techniques; marble dust, yarn and embroidery on raw linen, Borucka uses the recurring motif of the circle as an esoteric representation of universal harmony.

(…) A mystical flower, “Adelos-Delos A star is Born” is inspired by the classic rosette motif, but is also a poetic elaboration of the primary figure of the hexagon, itself a matrix of the six-pointed star of ancient hermetic-religious tradition. It expresses the conjunction of the spiritual and material world, the bond between Heaven and Earth, a theme that from the Kabbalah to Buddhism is confirmed as the absolute emblem of origin. The hexagon, a natural figure par excellence - we find it in the structure of beehives and in that of our genetic code - returns in “Hexagonos” to legitimise its meaning as the ‘Flower of Life’, a symbol that refers to the synthesis between microcosm and macrocosm, to that universal harmony that through it multiplied pattern leads to a perfect geometric image, in which Pythagoras recognizes the very icon of creation.

In its concentric manifestation, "Chronos, Time finally gives form to a dimension as impenetrable as the category of the spirit to which it refers: Time.If for Heraclitus, Bergson and Joyce time is a stream of consciousness that admits no return, the artist here stages the mysterious immobility of what constitutes the basic nucleus of our experience of life and the world.

Giuliano Serafini, Art Critic and Art Historian

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