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Carina Frie

The Arcturians - objects

The Arcturians - objects

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Step into the celestial realm with "The Arcturians" from the series "Astral Ascension" which was exclusively created for ART THERAPY.
Inspired by the stark beauty of Earth's Cyclades as well as distant stars, these towering vessels embody wisdom, strength and divine love.
Channeling the essence of the star Arcturus, they facilitate humanity's spiritual ascension.
Each sculpture is a beacon of majestic guidance, echoing Arcturian starseeds' legacy.
Journey with us to the cosmos where art illuminates the path forward.

"Family of 2" Dimensions:
a- 15 W x 50 H cm
b- 14 W x 60 H cm

"Lovers" Dimensions:
a- 10 W x 51 H cm
b- 12 W x 49 H cm

9 W x 28 H cm

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